We are extremely proud to welcome Michell Audio as a new brand partner here at Vinyl Groove Audio. This is such an iconic company within the global audio/Hi-Fi community, Michell have been designing and manufacturing turntables for nearly 5 decades. Read all about Michell Engineering’s interesting background and history HERE.

Owning a Michell turntable allows you to experience your music as the artist intended. Michell aim to provide owners with high-quality, reliable products that never detract from the music. Using premium materials and modern manufacturing techniques to create their iconic turntables, you can be rest assured that your vinyl collection is in the safest of hands.

We are super excited to add the Michell Gyro SE to our demo portfolio and paired with Michell’s flagship tonearm the TecnoArm2 and fitted the sublime Hana Umami Blue MC cartridge. We have also invested in a Michell HR Power Supply that is an ‘optional’ upgrade and a way of improving performance further at a later stage.

The Gyro SE is available in either Silver or Black finish options, our demo turntable is in stealth ‘Black’ and looks stunning especially when the brass weights are spinning/rotating. The basic cost of the turntable (without arm) is £3500. Therefore, we can build a superb entry level Gyro SE with a Rega tonearm and Hana MC cartridge for circa £4500. But really there is no shortage of options/combinations to suit your budget. The Gyro SE also includes a Michell Record Clamp and a Michell Unicover too.

Michell Gyro SE in Black.
Michell TecnoArm2 in Black.

We currently have our Michell Gyro SE turnable feeding the Exposure XM3 MM/MC phono stage, our Exposure 3510 integrated amplifier is driving a pair of PMC Twenty5 21i loudspeakers. The synergy between these all of these components is truly staggering and well worth experiencing for yourself. Why not book a demo and bring along some of your own vinyl records to hear just what is possible.

Our demonstration Michell Gyro SE, TecnoArm2 and Hana Umami Blue.
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If you would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact our Preston showroom.