Sonos has created an easy to use system for the whole family to stream music to any room/area of the home. This system can be controlled via available iOS & Android Apps along with cool voice activation too.

Sonos have talented software engineers that ensure their products keep on improving from the day you purchase them, with many new features added to keep enriching the user experience.

One of the key benefits of a Sonos eco system is you can grow your system over time by adding more optional speakers. This allows full control of what music you listen to and where – dad could be listening to the Beatles in the kitchen while mum is enjoying Amy Winehouse in the living room. When required, you can group speakers in different rooms, allowing you to listen to the same music in sync all over your home.

Sonos even have your TV covered with several award-winning soundbars too. Even at a later date you can enhance further by adding a subwoofer or rear speakers to produce a full SONOS 5.1. home cinema experience.

Sonos products are available from Vinyl Groove Audio.
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