Naim Audio

Naim Audio have mastered how all-in-one systems and players can perform with their award-winning, intuitive Mu-so and Uniti systems.

The Mu-so 2nd generation range includes two premium all-in-one speaker wireless music systems both at the cutting edge of build quality and design. Each system can be controlled by smart apps or via the intelligent touch control wheel on the system. The Mu-so range has HDMI ARC connection where it can be used as a soundbar for your TV, and also offers interchangeable grille colours so they can blend in with any room aesthetics.

The Uniti range have several options where all you need to add is speakers to the player to complete the system. You can also use a combination of multiple Mu-so and Uniti products in a multiroom music setup. Both systems allow you to stream music via your smartphone or access internet radio or music services e.g. Spotify, Tidal or Qobuz via your Wi-Fi, and are both Roon Ready enabling the best music control experience (optional).

Naim Audio products are available from Vinyl Groove Audio.
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