Michel Gryo SE

Experience this 'iconic' British turntable at our Preston showroom.

PMC Active Twenty5i

The Twenty5i series just got even better by offering a true active option.

Acoustic Energy Corinium

Introducing Acoustic Energy's stunning new flagship loudspeaker. Now on demonstration.

Hegel H600 & Viking CD

This award-winning integrated amplifier and CD player combination is now on permanent demo.

Sonus Faber Duetto

A beautifully designed, no-compromise, premium audio solution, featuring smart-wireless technology. Now on permanent demo!

Sonus Faber Lumina II Amator

Introducing the new 'luxurious' Lumina II Amator Edition, now on demo!

Exposure Electronics

Exciting news as we have added this iconic British audio brand to our portfolio.


Introducing the ultimate Rega turntable. Book a demo to experience this amazing record player.

Vinyl Groove Audio Newsletter

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Nessie Record Cleaning Machines

We have recently added these excellent German 'Nessie Record Cleaning Machines' to our portfolio.

Lyngdorf Home Trial Promotion

Hear for yourself the impact of RoomPerfect™ in your own listening room?

Loewe bild i 55″ Smart TV System (Ex-Display)

Save £800 on our ex-display Loewe Bild i 55" Smart TV, Soundbar and Wireless subwoofer combination.

Rega Ania MC (Ex-Display)

Save £200 on our ex-display Rega Ania moving coil cartridge.

Acoustic Energy AE1 Active (Ex-Display)

Save £250 on our ex-display Acoustic Energy Active AE1 compact loudspeakers.

Sonos Roam G1 Offer (New)

Save £60 off a Sonos Roam + wireless Charger combo (while stock lasts).

Music Evening – PMC Speakers

You are welcome to join us for this exciting event on Thursday 30th May.

Rega Aria MK3 (Ex-Display)

Save £200 on our ex-display Rega Aria MM/MC phono stage.

Amphion Argon 3S (Ex-Display)

Save £650 on our display Amphion Argon 3S loudspeakers.

Rega Saturn MK3 (Ex-Display)

Save £500 on our ex-display Rega Saturn Mk3 CD Player.

Neat Orkestra (Ex-Display)

Save £1350 on our display Neat Orkestra speakers.

Chord Qutest, Huei & Anni System (Ex-Display)

Save £850 on our display Chord Electronics Quest Range 3 Box System.

Focal Celestee (Ex-Display)

Save £250 on our display Focal Celestee closed back headphones.

Rega Aethos (Ex-Display)

Save £700 on our ex-display Rega Aethos integrated amplifier.

Loewe Klang s1 (Ex-Display)

Save £100 on our display Loewe s1 smart internet radio.

Rega Planar 1 Plus (Ex-Display)

Save £85 on our ex-display Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable.

Bluesound Powernode (Ex-Display)

Save £150 on our display Bluesound Powernode Network Streaming Amplifier.

Chord Co Shawline Cables (Ex-Display)

Save 35% off all Chord Shawline demo cables

Music Evening – Chord Company

Our musical evenings are always very popular and we are very pleased to announce our first for 2024 on Thursday 18th April.

Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2024 (FEB 2024)

After a busy day walking around the show here is a selection of 'new products' which caught both our eyes and ears.