PMC Speakers

PMC’s design team never stops looking for ways to hone their designs, using new technologies, materials, or discoveries, including innovations from outside the audio industry. This quest has led to the creation of the twenty5i series — where ‘i’ stands for improved. The latest range offers everything that made the twenty5 series legendary and so sought-after, but with even greater realism, transparency, and musicality.

The Custom Install (ci) series from PMC brings all the magic of the movies and music to the home. Since 1991, when the company was founded, PMC have been the speaker brand used to create hit music as well as the biggest Hollywood movie soundtracks, from Titanic to Skyfall and Iron Man to Spiderman, and have been awarded an Emmy® for our contribution to recording excellence.

To recreate the awe-inspiring realism and stunning dynamics of any type of music or movie, then there is no better choice of loudspeaker than those used to create it.

PMC products are available from Vinyl Groove Audio.
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