Clic is a well thought out combination of hi-fi and exclusive Danish furniture design. Their furniture allows you to hide cables, speakers, sub woofers, gaming consoles, projectors, vinyl records and everything else that disturbs the eye – make it a part of a stylish setup – without compromising great sound and design. All furniture models and functions are very well thought out, designed by the company founder Mike Fabricius.

Furniture is made by hand in Denmark using old handcraft principals. Clic produce their furniture using a special technique that allows a stabile frame without the use of a fixed back panel. Then the furniture is painted by hand producing a luxury high-standard finish.

Clic offer many different model options available in a wide range of paint, wood veneer and fabric finishes. Now you can perfectly house and store your audio equipment, whilst maintaining the minimalist look and feel to your home.

Clic furniture is available from Vinyl Groove Audio.
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