Loewe was founded in Berlin in 1923 and nearly a century later they are renowned for producing German designed high-tech products that make a real statement in any home.

Loewe continue to provide beautiful TV and audio solutions, starting with their newly designed We by Loewe range, available in a selection of rich colours to best match the aesthetics of your living space.

The classic ‘iconic’ Loewe design can be found within their Bild Smart TV ranges, using 4K panels up to 65”. They feature state-of-the-art standards for both picture & sound quality such as Dolby Vison and Dolby Atmos for the big screen experience. The Loewe bild i screens feature stunning OLED panels. All Loewe screens are perfect whether you decide to hang on the wall, desktop mount or position free-standing.

The Klang range of audio products are beautifully designed and can be used independently or as part of a multi-room audio system. We have been particularly impressed with the Klang S1 smart streaming audio player, either you can control using hard buttons on the player itself or via the Loewe radio app in the comfort of your listening position. The sound quality is quite impressive considering the compact size, well worth a listen!

Loewe products are available from Vinyl Groove Audio.
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