We love PMC’s approach to loudspeaker design and their classic sound presentation tends to partner very well with our ranged amplifiers on demo in the showroom e.g. Naim, Exposure, Rega and Hegel.

PMC’s awareness reached new levels last year after the successful launch of their Prodigy series starting from £1250 with the Prodigy 1 and Prodigy 5 at £1995. These new models have been very well reviewed across the board and picked up countless industry awards.  Without question this resulted in PMC Prodigy featuring on many people’s audition shortlists. In fact after the introduction of Prodigy, what we found really interesting was how many customers actually ended up purchasing a set of speakers from PMC’s next range up the Twenty5i series, particularly the 2521i due to further improved sound performance and overall enjoyment.

At the Bristol Hi-Fi show in late February 24, PMC pulled a masterstroke and launched  ‘Active Twenty5i’ options for all two-way models e,g. 21i, 22i, 23i & 24i plus a significant upgrade program too. The big news here is that any original Twenty5 and current Twenty5i series owner can actually purchase a simple upgrade kit for £1795 to transform their passive speaker to an Active one. Therefore, either someone can start with passive speaker and at a later stage if the system permits the original passive speaker can be easily upgraded to active mode.

Essentially an Active speaker is where the power amplifier is housed inside the speaker cabinet right next to the crossover. This means the power amp is perfectly matched to drive that particular speaker, therefore maximising sound performance.

Another huge benefit is it ‘could’ reduce the amount of system boxes required e.g. a streaming pre-amp could be connected directly to the active speakers via balanced or RCA inputs. Therefore, any integrated amplifier with a pre-amp out, a dedicated analogue pre-amp or standalone streamer with volume control could be used with a pair of Active speakers.

Here are a few great system combination examples:

  1. Innuos Zen Mini S (Music Server) + Linear PSU with Active Twenty5 21i
  2. Exposure 3510 (Pre-amp) with Active Twenty5 21i
  3. Naim Uniti Atom HE (Streaming Pre) with Active Twenty5 23i
  4. Naim NSC 222 (Streaming Pre) with Active Twenty5 24i

We will receive our demo Active upgrade kit in April and then we can then demo either our 2521i or 2523i in Active mode.

PMC Active Twenty5i Range Full Specifications HERE.

PMC Active Twenty5i Upgrade Kit Details HERE.

Watch Hi-Fi Pig Interview with Elliot Whyte from PMC HERE.

If you would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact our Preston showroom.