We have been using the excellent value Okki Nokki One Record Cleaning machine in the showroom for the past few years and this is still our #1 choice for a RCM sub £500.  The Okki Nokki has been kept very busy via our popular ‘vinyl record cleaning service’ but has demand continues to grow we needed to invest in a more advanced solution……. introducing the stunning Nessie Vinylmaster Reference.

Nessie Vinylmaster Reference

Draabe Technologies have been producing their Nessie brand of record cleaning machines for many years and have gained a superb reputation across the globe. Uwe Draabe and his talented team are based just South of Hamburg in Germany and yes as expected the design, build quality and finish is to an extremley high standard. You really need to see one of their RCM in action to fully appreciate what a total joy it is to use/operate. The words enjoy and cleaning records very rarely feature in the the same sentence but is well deserved here.

Uwe Draabe (Founder)

Nessie Record Cleaning Machines start from £1650 with the Vinylcleaner Pro Plus+ to their stunning flagship the Vinylmaster Reference £2799, this is the model we have decided to use in the showroom and for our record cleaning service. The main key feature why we decided to invest in the Reference model is it can clean both sides of the record at the same time. This ensures no cross contamination whilst cleaning and the big convenience here is it can clean/wash/dry both sides in 3 mins. This is a huge advantage when a customer drops off 30 records to be cleaned that is 60 sides which I am sure you can imagine is quite time consuming. After plenty of research it was imperative that convenience did not cut corners and cleaned records to our usual high standard and the Vinylmaster Reference model certainly does (with ease).

The Nessie Vinylmaster Reference has some very clever features too:

  • It uses a magnetised chrome plated puck that holds the record in place and protects the record label with it’s strong seal.
  • Automatic liquid dosing that monitors how much cleaning solution is applied to ensure just the ‘correct amount’ is used every time for both upper and lower dosing pumps.
  • An informative coloured LED display allows you to select the preferred washing program and informs you of the status of wash/dry cycle along the way via a timer. Also counts/displays how many records have been cleaned to date. At the end of each wash and dry cycle the machine emits helpful acoustic tones too.
  • There are 3 wash/dry cycle options Automatic (3 mins total), Intensive (12 mins total) and Manual if you wish to clean a record manually before an automatic clean, ideal for a pre-wash if a record is very old/dirty. We have been experiencing excellent results with the standard Automatic cycle. Therefore, you could easily clean 10 records approx every 35 mins, which is very impressive indeed.
  • When cleaning and drying the turntable plater rotates between clockwise and anti-clockwise every 30 seconds.
  • The operating speed of the turntable is 30 rpm for cleaning and 18 rpm for suction/drying.
  • We have been using the impresive Nessie Vinylin which is a special cleaning agent with excellent sound properties thanks to strong anionic surfactants, isopropyl alcohol was deliberately avoided. The cleaning performance is unsurpassed and Nessie Vinylin is recommended for other popular cleaning machines too, including Okki Nokki, Loricraft, Clearaudio etc. A 500ml bottle of Nessie Vinylin will wash/clean approx 100 records (both sides) only £9.25 and is available to purchase from the showroom.


If you would like see the Nessie Vinylmaster Reference in action, why not bring in a record that is in need of a deep clean and you can experience these impressive results for yourself (on the house).

Or if you have any questions or queries on any other Nessie model, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nessie RCM Options

  • Vinylcleaner ProPlus+ £1650 (Hi-Fi Choice review here)
  • Vinylmaster Reference £2799
Vinycleaner ProPlus+



Our Record Cleaning Service

If you would like to book in some records to be cleaned, please message the showroom.

We will clean EVERY record on the Nessie Vinylmaster Reference:

  • 1 x 12″ record £3.00.
  • 12 x 12″ records cleaned for the price of 10 £30 (=£2.50 each).

Note – every record cleaned includes a brand new protective anti-static inner sleeve too.

More information on our popular record cleaning service is available HERE.