Last May at the High End show in Munich the AE Corinium loudspeakers were first shown to the public, these are the new stunning flagship model from Acoustic Energy. They were indeed one of the talking points from the show and we could not wait to experience and hear these wonderful loudspeakers on home turf. Fast forward to early December and we managed to loan a pair (to put them through their paces) and boy we were not disappointed, we swiftly placed a pair on order for our Preston showroom.

We paired this three-way speaker with different amplifier combinations in the showroom and every single time the Corinium’s just sounded amazing. It is always a great sign is when you are reaching for the remote to actually turn the music up not down and regardless of which amplifier was playing they just sang.

We first started with a Rega Aethos integrated and although that worked really well. Once we applied even more power, they just opened up, there was a significant step up in performance with the Exposure 3510 pre amp with a pair of 3510 Mono-Block power amps (in a word… wow!). We then tried the New Naim Classic series 3 box solution consisting of the NSC 222 streaming pre with optional power supply the NPX 300 and the timeless classic NAP 250 power amp. We were very keen to listen to this combination as this was used for the Corinium’s debut UK show launch (late last year). In fact in the very first week of receiving our own demo pair, we sold our first pair of Corinium’s and they were to be paired with the very same Naim 222/300/250, the sound quality installed into our clients home was just sublime!

Last but not least we listened the Corinium’s being driven with Hegel’s Reference H600 streaming amplifier. This highlighted that this superb one box solution has plenty of power to drive the Corinium’s with ease for a simple/smart space-saving combination.

Although we listened to plenty of different genre’s with great success, I personally don’t think I heard ‘Rock Music in the showroom sounding quite as good as this, when listening through with the Corinium’s. Playing classic albums from Rush, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin was an absolute joy, resulting in quite a few late nights…. I really did not want to go home!

The Corinium’s are available in 4 different finishes starting from £5999 (Tectona Wood, Satin Black or Satin White) and British Racing Green with a £1000 premium.

In our opinion listening to the Corinium is like experiencing a £10k speaker but for around 40% less and must feature on your shortlist, if this is within your budget.

We highly recommend you read more about the Corinium’s on Acoustic Energy’s dedicated microsite HERE.

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If you would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact our Preston showroom.