When I first started working in the Hi-Fi industry just a mere ’34 years’ ago this particular high-end audio shop had a superb selection of amplifiers and this is where I first experienced Exposure.

Fast forward to 2023 and now things come full circle as Vinyl Groove Audio has decided to add the much loved and revered Exposure Electronics brand to our own portfolio starting with the award-winning 3510 series.

We already have a great selection of fantastic sounding amplifier solutions from Rega, Naim, Hegel, McIntosh and Lyngdorf etc but what Exposure brings to the party are really great sounding solutions offering fantastic value, especially when it comes to their pre and power combinations.

As I write this the 3510 pre and stereo amplifier combo comes in at only £3400. The same 3510 pre with a pair of 3510 mono power amps retails for just under £5k at £4850.  If space is at a premium maybe the sweet spot of the range is the stunning 3510 integrated amplifier at only £2400. Both the integrated and preamp can be specified with internal upgrade boards for MM or MC cartridges £340 and a DAC board too at £480, this can help keep the box count down.

We have also added the Exposure XM3 MM/MC phono stage at £900 this is part of the compact XM shoebox size range the huge benefit here is two XM products use the same footprint as a traditional single ‘full size’ unit. Therefore, you could pair the XM5 integrated amp with the XM CD player.

Lastly, there is the flagship 5010 range featuring a pre-amp £2550 and a pair of matching mono power amps at £5800 as you can see this impressive combination still comes in at only £8350.

Another feature that is unique to Exposure is the option of building fully active sound systems with their active 2 and 3 way crossovers and power supplies. This is something we can achieve with certain Neat Acoustics loudspeakers (watch this space).

Finally, next year Exposure Electronics will be celebrating a very big birthday with their 50th Anniversary and we are super excited to be part of their appointed UK dealer network to celebrate this landmark with them.

Exposure Electronics | You can read more about the brand HERE

If you would like to arrange a demonstration of Exposure, please contact our Preston showroom.