We are delighted to add these two reference products from Hegel to our portfolio. Since opening the showroom Hegel has been one our our most popular brands. In 2023 they improved performance even further on already well revered products with the launch of the H600 and Viking.

Hegel H600 Integrated Streaming Amplifier

H600 is Hegel’s EISA Award-Winning reference integrated amplifier. With its 303 watts in 8 ohms, a damping factor of 4000, and 2 ohms drive capability, this powerhouse of an amplifier can drive any speaker with confidence and ease. The amplifier is a dual mono design, bringing it as close as possible to the performance of two mono amps in a single box. It also boasts a state-of-the-art preamplifier with the extremely precise volume attenuator found in their reference P30A amplifier.

All electronic circuitry is designed in-house, and Hegel only use the best-quality components. This gives them unprecedented control over the amplification process. When they combine this with their SoundEngine2 correction technology, you are left with an audio signal that is as close to the original recording as possible. The result is an immensely wide and deep soundstage with incredible dynamic range and tremendous bass control. This amplifier reveals all the details and nuances in the music. All you have to do is connect a pair of really good speakers of your choice and sit back and lose yourself in the music.

H600 – Reviews

Full Specifications HERE.

Price £10,500.

Hegel Viking CD Player

The Viking is Hegel’s EISA Award-Winning reference CD Player. In a world full of options for downloading music, sound formats, compression methods, and streaming services, putting on some music can feel overwhelming. What should be easy and enjoyable, suddenly becomes complex and stressful. Playing a CD on the Viking is not. It is only joy. Viking is a true native 16/44.1 CD player developed from the ground up for optimal performance on standard (Redbook) CDs. It is designed to deliver the most faithful sound reproduction possible by optimising its components to deliver a high-quality output that is true to the original recording.

Viking – Reviews

Full Specifications HERE.

Price £4,500.

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