As much as I am passionate about vinyl records I do love the convenience of wireless streaming audio systems too. One American brand who have come a very long way since their introduction 20 years ago in the audio world is Sonos. Those who know me well, know that Sonos in really in my blood after working for company for 6 years, first working in the UK then running sales in Scandinavia/Nordics. It was a fun and exciting ride helping establish Sonos into new markets, so basically I know the brand/products inside out and this will come as no surprise why we included Sonos as one of our key brand partners.

We have every Sonos product on display in our Preston showroom as we can demonstrate them in the right way in comfortable surroundings and answer any questions or queries you may have on how to best incorporate Sonos around your home. The main reason Sonos is the No1 world-wide market leader with premium wireless audio systems is due to their excellent App that is easy to use/navigate and you can be playing music in a matter of seconds.

In our showroom we have a dedicated Sonos home cinema 5.1 area comprising of the award-winning Dolby Atmos Sonos ARC Soundbar (£899), Sonos SUB (£749) and a pair of Sonos ONE (£398) speakers for the rear channels. There are more and more Dolby Atmos soundtracks becoming available on the streaming platforms e.g. Netflix, AppleTV+ , Disney+ and Amazon Prime and for the real cinema diehards there is even better sounding 4K HDR Blu-ray discs. The new James Bond film ‘No Time To Die” has had plenty of demos over the Christmas period and track 4 is truly amazing!

Here is a very smart looking Sonos 5.1 system that was installed last year and with good planning, it is easy to hide any unsightly cables for an uncluttered appearance.

If you would like to arrange a demo to experience a Sonos home cinema system yourself, please make contact?