Just incase you were not aware Rega also make some superb sounding electronics to partner well with their popular turntables. These include a great range of integrated amplifiers and CD players. Rega’s iconic Saturn CD player also includes an excellent DAC too, so you can connect other digital sources into the Saturn e.g. a music streamer like the Bluesound Node.

The new Saturn MK3 is re-housed in Rega’s latest case design. This ensures the Saturn MK3 will be the perfect partner for the forthcoming all new Rega Elicit MK5 integrated amplifier and also my favourite Rega Amp the stunning Aethos. You will find plenty of connectivity options, up to and including 24bit-192kHz. The Saturn MK3 has two optical inputs, two Co-Axial inputs, a fully asynchronous USB and ‘direct’ digital output from the CD playback section.

Note – the new MK3 performs the same as the previous version, the main difference between the two is the new case design.

The Saturn MK3 is available to purchase now at £2000, please make contact if you would like to order or have any further queries?

Full specifications can be found here on Rega’s website.