Hana cartridges have been on my radar for quite a while and constantly heard how well they work with Rega turntables, so it really was a no brainer to add to our portfolio. Japan have quite a great reputation for hand building great sounding cartridges. One of the key reasons why I choose Hana as there are only effectively only 8 cartridges. Basically there are 4 ranges E, S, M & U. in the first 3 ranges Hana offer a low and high output version for each model. This is great news as the high output moving coil versions can be used directly into a moving magnet phono stage.

Often when a customer is considering upgrading from a MM for a MC cartridge most times they have to factor in a MC phono stage that pushes up the price, therefore a a high output MC provides MC qualities that sound great via a MM phono input. The ranges as follows:

We have just installed an SH onto our Rega Planar 6 and it is sounding fantastic straight out of the box and will no doubt sound even better after a 30-50 hour run in period.

This combination price £1784 and really should be auditioned at our Preston showroom. If you would also like to place an order for any Hana cartridge, please make contact.