We are huge fans of Chord Electronics products here at Vinyl Groove Audio. We already range other great products like Qutest, Anni, Huei, Hugo TT2 & Hugo Mscaler. So it made total sense to expand our range to include the very popular Mojo. This allows us to offer a great sounding mobile dac/headphone amplifier, which can also double as an affordable desktop dac too, all for just £449!

Rob Watts has further improved on what was an already a legendary product with Mojo and Mojo 2 includes some very nice touches and new features e.g. DSP EQ modes and USB C charging but No1 gamechanger for me is the desktop mode, so when the battery is fully charged it switches trickle charging off, which should prolong battery life even further.

Check out these fantastic product reviews:

If you are looking for a great sounding DAC for under £500 look no further than Mojo 2, now on demo at our Preston showroom paired with excellent Poly streamer too.

Full Mojo 2 specifications can be found here on the Chord Electronics website.