We are huge admirers of Focal Headphones here at Vinyl Groove Audio. Without stating the obvious photographs really cannot relay just how beautiful and well built their headphones are. The penny totally drops when handling them and then of course listening to their audio performance. We already have the impressive Celestee (closed-back) and Clear MG (open-back) headphones on demo here at our Preston showroom and we just had to add the award-winning Bathys wireless headphones too.

The Bathys are quite smaller than both the Celestee & Clear MG as the primary intended use is likely for travel as they tick many boxes:

  • Portable
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • ANC noise-cancelling
  • High quality built in DAC
  • USB rechargable 30+ hour battery

Setting up the Bathys took just a few minutes by scanning the QR code in the box and downloading the App. The set-up guide is one of the most informative I have experienced.

I have had plenty of fun pairing the Bathys with our Apple iPhone/iPad, demo Loewe Smart TV and Nintendo Switch, playing the Legend of Zelda: TOTK I was hearing gameplay sounds I had NOT heard before producing a more immersive experience, highly recommended.

Lastly, the noise cancelling feature is bay far one of the best I have used offering three different levels of ANC to best suit your surroundings.

Finish Options

Bathys is available in two colourways that are both very classy and easy on the eye:

  • Black & Silver
  • Dune (Newly launched Sept 23)

Both options are priced at £699 and available to purchase via our showroom.

You can view more specifications HERE.

View informative Bathys FAQ page HERE.

What Hi-Fi Review HERE.

We have Bathys, Celestee and ClearMG models on permanent demo at our Preston showroom, so if you would like to have a listen first, please book a demo.