Sonus Faber Omnia

Sonus Faber have announced their very first wireless speaker called Omnia. This will be part of a brand new eco-system from the Italian artisans of natural sound. One thing you can be sure of is the design will be unique both in look/feel and the way you interact with the speaker to play your favourite music.

What is Omnia?

Essentially, Omnia is a smart wireless speaker where you can stream your favourite music services e.g. Spotify, Tidal Connect etc and it is also Roon Ready too. Omnia guarantees seamless playback via the built-in Bluetooth, Airplay 2 and Chromecast playback options. Another cool feature is Omnia is turntable ready too, you can very easily connect a turntable via the included MiniDin interface. Last but not least the Omnia also has an HDMI ARC input, this allows you to connect Omnia to your TV. Therefore, you have all the main listening options covered, streaming, vinyl and TV.

Design & Senso Control

Sonus Faber have included certain design cues where you know instantly it is a Sonus Faber product, including the beautiful designed walnut wood top panel, which incorporates their very intuitive Senso control panel, this allows direct control of the system. The illuminated lines indicate which mode you are and via different colours denote which music service/imput you are listening to. You can also control the sound from the included remote control or from your smart device.

Cresendo Sound System

Not only does the Omnia look great it sounds superb too. The Omnia acoustic package features a unique 4 way closed box system with 7 drivers driven by a 490 watt amplifier. Another great addition is the inclusion of a long throw down-firing subwoofer this produces a full, rich and immersive, sound completing the 3D listening experience.

Omnia Pre-Orders

Omnia will retail at £1599 and will be launched mid March 2022. We are now accepting pre-orders on this beautiful and exciting product. Please contact Ian at our Preston showroom to be added to our pre-order list. Note – all orders will be supplied strictly via date order.

If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Omnia Downloads

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