Some iconic brands you can identify within a few seconds without even seeing their logo, one such brand is McIntosh Labs. Since 1949 they have been designing and manufacturing audio products out of their factory in Binghamton, NY in the USA by their dedicated teams of employees who share a real true passion for music.

The classic Blue VU meters are synonymous with most McIntosh amplifiers and another trademark design is their green backlit logo that looks super impressive set behind the glass front panel.

We are proud to have two amazing looking and sounding amplifiers on demo at our Preston showroom, they include their  entry level amplifier the MA252, which is a hybrid integrated with a tube pre-amp section and the stunning MA7200  amplifier (also an integrated) that will drive just about any speaker on the planet. The MA7200 includes 200 watts per channel, with 14 inputs (yes 14 inputs!) including both MM/MC stages, a high spec DAC and also is Roon ready, so pretty much everything you need out of one box.

We will often pair McIntosh amplifiers with Sonus Faber loudspeakers as this really is a match made in heaven. Why not book a demonstration to see and hear just what all the fuss is about?