We finally have both the latest new products from Rega now on demonstration. Introducing the all new Elicit Mk5 super-integrated amplifier and Saturn Mk3 CD Player.

Elicit Mk5

We are super impressed with the performance of the Elicit Mk5, not too surprising really as it utilises the same pre-amp section found in the Rega Aethos and they have included an excellent sounding inbuilt DAC too. If you are also into vinyl then you can make great use of the superb MM phono input, we recently tried our Rega Planar 6 turntable fitted with a Hana SH (high output) MC cartridge and it was really was stunning. If you have some digital sources e.g. a CD player or music streamer, you can connect these directly to the internal DAC via any of the coax or optical digital inputs. The build and finish is to be admired and recommend you try and pick up an Elicit in the showroom, to see just how well built one is.

Saturn Mk3

If you decide to partner the Saturn CD player with an Elicit amplifier you will notice the new design casing and front panel/buttons match, not to mention the Saturn will also look and perform great, when partnered with the Rega Aethos amplifier too. The Saturn also has an inbuilt DAC with plenty of onboard digital connectivity including an audiophile USB input (5 inputs and 4 outputs in total). Last but not least the Saturn build quality is fantastic and rest assured expect trouble free performance, due to it’s manual dampened top-loading CD drawer.

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The Elicit Mk5 & Saturn Mk3 both retail for £2000 (each). We truly believe, when both of these products are partnered with great loudspeakers like either the Neat Acoustics Motive SX2 or Sonus Faber Lumina III, this will result in an amazing sounding, well balanced system for around £6,000.

If you would like to arrange an audition, please book-a-demo at our Preston showroom.

Full specifications can be found here on Rega’s website.