During normal times, you could find me most weeks watching and enjoying live music in Manchester, there are so many great venues, personally I prefer the smaller venues to the large, you really have to drag me kicking and screaming to attend a gig at the awful Manchester arena (or what ever it is called this week…). My absolute favourite venue(s) are between the Deaf Institute, The Ritz, Gorilla and Night & Day Cafe.

So onto our main hot topic for our discussion…. great live albums. Being a Manchester lad seeing a Manchester band in my hometown is always something special and my recommendation is Elbow Live at the Ritz (although they are strictly from Bury ;)). Guy Garvey is a superb, charming front man and his little amusing stories between the tracks are truly wonderful.

The recording is top notch too for us audiophiles and tend to have this one in stock on vinyl at our Preston showroom.

Now it is notable that I have not shared an obvious choice(s) as keen to share maybe a live album you have not yet listened too. Let me know what you think in the comments section below?

Follow the below links to access and stream this great live album by Elbow:

Lastly, Elbow are playing live in Lancashire this July at Lytham Festival with the brilliant Richard Hawley supporting.